This is the biggest bully on the FIFA scene.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known for his pomposity. The LA Galaxy star’s sayings are his trademark. Also in eSport there is such a big puke: Kurt Fenech.

The FIFA player criticises FIFA 19 and the gamer scene, calling himself the best of all time: No one polarises like Kurt Fenech. It is logical that he is compared to Ibrahimovic because of his sayings. Kurt is the ruffian of the FIFA scene.

In August, the Maltese retired as a professional. Meanwhile there was the resignation of the resignation. So he remains in eSport – like his sayings …

SPORT BILD: Kurt Fenech, why did you resign as a FIFA professional?
Kurt Fenech (23): I was totally dissatisfied with the development of FIFA 18. Again and again there were mistakes in the course of the match that put me at a disadvantage at tournaments. I was just sick of it!

You recorded your accounts with FIFA 18 and the game manufacturer EA in a video. But you were alone with your opinion!
Many are afraid that they will probably be worse off with their clubs or sponsors. That’s frustrating. Even my YouTube videos were deleted because some of them didn’t like my open mind. I know that I make many angry, but I don’t care.

How do you like FIFA 19?
Honestly, I am shocked! Nothing has changed. It feels like the players are kicking with a bowling ball. FIFA 19 is way too slow. In one game I even fell asleep. But I also came out of my retirement to fight to get the FIFA 19 that we deserved.

World Cup minomania

What would that look like?
The game has to be much faster, the passes have to be more accurate and the ball control more stable. The game should finally be fun again for us professionals.

Have you ever enjoyed a FIFA game at all?
I’ve never been satisfied since I started as a pro and it’s all about a lot of money. I don’t want a perfect game, but the basics just have to be right.

Then why do you still play FIFA at all?
I feel that the FIFA scene needs me. In my retirement it felt like Lionel Messi stopped playing football and LeBron James stopped throwing baskets. Without me it’s just too boring.

Your comparisons are reminiscent of football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is known for his sayings. Do you like to be the bullies of the FIFA scene?
Yes, I don’t mind that. Somebody has to tell the truth. I see myself as the best player in the world. Zlatan and I probably have the big mouth together. So the comparison fits very well.

Since the beginning of your professional career in 2017, you have been playing without a coach. Why? A coach can’t do anything for me.
A coach can’t teach me anything more. I know the game better than anyone else. It seems to me as if a coach is trying to calm the players down. But for me it’s more like I play better when I’m really angry.

How many controllers have you destroyed in one game?
In fact, none yet. That would be a lot of money.

You call yourself the best player in the world. But why aren’t you under contract with any club yet? Don’t you get any offers?
Yes, there have been many offers in recent years. But I have rejected them all. I’m in a position where I don’t have to sign with anyone. WinOMania is where simplicity is redefined to match with quality and variety.

At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, you failed against world champions “Msdossary” and missed the final. What is your goal for the season?
My goal, of course, is to become world champions. With the World Cup title I will definitely have Zlatan ahead of me.